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Preparing for your laparoscopy


Lots of woman in our community will not have their formal diagnosis of endometriosis yet and may be preparing for their first laparoscopy. For those like myself who have been through this already will know how scary and daunting it is! So if you have any hints, tips or advice about the procedure and recovery please do share! I remember how much support I received from other sufferers before my first laparoscopy and it really helped calm my nerves in the weeks leading up to it.

A couple of tips from me are:

Peppermint tea! During the procedure they fill your abdomen up with gas so they can see better this can cause a bit of pain and discomfort afterwards but peppermint tea was a god send! So make sure to pack a box in your overnight bag.

Take a pillow to put over your stomach for the car ride home. The seat belt can be very uncomfortable and having the cushion or pillow in between really helped me :)

And my last tip is to keep on top of your pain relief. Your likely to be a bit sore for a few days so it’s ok to take the pain relief you are given.

I’m looking forward to hearing your tips for surgery :)

Shan xx