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Blood Test Results - Deficiency Signs.

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Hello Everyone,

I am currently waiting for Bariatric Sleeve Surgery (How long I will have to wait, Who knows), I was hoping to get some help with my recent Blood Test Results?

Vitamin D: Low Total 250H Vitamin D of 38nmol/L (80-150)

Vitamin B12: Normal Vitamin B12 230nanogram/L (200-1000) with

Low holotranscobalamin 30pmol/L (35-1000)

Iron: Low Iron 8umol/L (12-28)(14-30)

Low Iron Saturation 11% (15-50)(20-55)

Glucose: HbA1c 6.0% DCCT (4.1-6.4%) & 42mmol/mol IFCC (21-46)

I am not sure what all these numbers mean, But I am slightly worried it might hold me back? Or if there is something else worrying going on that I need to fix.

I am currently going to 2 separate Physiotherapy courses and trying to get into a healthier routine but it seems to be so tiring, I have overcome most obstacles in my life - Weight just doesn't seem to be one of them. I am trying really hard to stay positive about the progress I will make but alongside my depression and aching all the time, I am unsure what to do or if these results are a sign of what may be causing some of the pain with his restraining me.

Any help is accepted, Thank you all in advance!

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Hi Siannah if you have had you first apt with the consultant they ask you to join their weight loss group for 12 months and then decide after that what route is suitable to you. I had around a 4 month wait before i recieved my first apt. If you are conecerned about your bloods please make an apt with your gp or arrange a call back to discuss these with the gp or nurse at your gp surgery normally if your gp has requested for your bloods to be done and there is an issue with any deficiency they will normally ring you or write to you and give you some supplements.. Im on iron tabs vit d tabs and have to have vit b12 jabs every 3 months... so dont worry they will sort you out.. good luck and let us know how you get on x

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Siannah in reply to Ouch_123

Thank you for replying to my post,

I am currently in the 12 week Physiotherapy Class.

I have had my initial meeting and met with the surgeon who agreed the Sleeve will be the best option for me, I guess now it is just time to meet with the GP and start taking supplements - Thank you again for your reply!

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Ooh thats good ive been to see the consultant and ive been for one session mines will be once every 3 months as im in the one to one sessions so hopfully i should have my 2nd apt in november... can i ask where your from Siannah if you dont mind.. im from west midlands and under the heartlands hospital

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Siannah in reply to Ouch_123

Oh lucky that you get one to one, It is group physio here.

I am from Essex but I asked to be referred out of area because near me are quite... "slow"... in getting the process moving. So I am attending the Homerton Hospital in London, about an hour drive - but well worth the journey!

I am unsure when my next Consultant meeting is, All I know is I have to attend 12 weeks of Physio (30 minutes Presentation about Surgery, followed by 1 hour of Gym) and we have a weigh in at the beginning and at the end to see the efforts we have made into a "Healthier Lifestyle".

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Ouch_123 in reply to Siannah

Oooh thats totally differant to us..we got no physio gym etc... just a group or indvidual talk n weigh in..

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breath97 in reply to Siannah's been 2 years. How much did you lose ?

Your ok. How bout an daily 2000 mcg D 3. and a 1 a day + iorn .