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Lost hope

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Good evening all.

I'm a single mum to two disabled children. I'm morbidly obese. And my health is declining. I've been offered help with a gastric bypass but have to lose so much weight alone first. I just can't do it. I'm mostly bed bound so not moving at all. I'm now nearly 30 stone. I just don't know how to lose the weight they are asking me to alone. Any advice would be most helpful xxx

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Hi Sarah,

I know how you feel im a single mum too two kids and it not easy i can imagine its 10x more difficult with children who are disabled.. ive also been reffered for weight lose surgery.. been to my first session.. just make small changes fisrt small but steady...

here are some small changes ive

Tried to make

No fizzy drinks not that i have much but still

Try drink more water aim for 2 litres a day

Cut down on sugars

Swap breakfast cereal even cornflakes is high in sugar ive got porridge and shredded wheat.

Have fruit

Try and have a balanced meal.

Make small cuts and you will see the differance...

if you need a chat im here 😊 We could support each other

Like you I have mobility issues due to severe joint problems throughout my body and being treated with steroids.

I found that if I only had one carb type meal a day i.e. I have porridge for breakfast then no carb the rest of the day it really helped me lose weight. I have salad veg fruit with meat or fish or casseroles or soups for the other meals with lots of good protein. And LOTS of water, no fizzy drinks as they put has in your tummy and can expand it making you feel hungrier.

I've lost 18 kg so far in 6 months and can now walk a bit. I'm also on the surgery waiting list and see the surgeons next month.

My diabetes ( due to steroids) is amazingly improved.

So I couldn't move but managed it by no temptation of sugary foods and watching carbs. I know I need to change what I eat, every mouthful ,even after surgery So I'm learning every day what makes my body get bigger or smaller.

Good luck and I hope you lose the weight to continue your journey.

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Wow well done you.. thats amazing loss im struggling ive now started having 3 meals a day starting off with porridge/weetabix or cornflakes..

Then i have lunch which is prob whatever i cook for kids i have been trying to be healthy n trying to eat home cooked food more often having two chappatis and curry i even had chicken soup for a week with one slice or if hungry two sices of bread.. and then at night i will have a hot drink tea or hot choc with 2 biscuits and some times maybe something else instead if im hungry..after all of that ive managed to maintain my weight n lose like 7lb and thats taken me a few months but at times that shoots up esp ifi have rice to eat ill gain a few lbs with one small bowl of boiled white rice..

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Yes carbohydrate really does not agree with me. A lot of gp surgeries in the UK offer weight management help with dieticians, health trainers and psychologists. Mine have been very helpful.

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Yeah carbs are not good unless your going on a all day bike ride so I don't touch them apart from a small portion of brown rice and a chicken breast for tea but bread piles the weight on people due to the way it messes with your insulin levels. With specialist weight management they really make life easier for us and are there to help I can't thank them enough and I no longer eat any rubbish including things like pasta after 2pm and other foods that I thought were healthy but they are actually not good for you at all. Good luck keep winning the battle and before you know is 2 1/2 years are gone and you have your dare for surgery πŸ˜€

I can't walk and I am pretty much bed bound but I have lost 5 stone in 2 years so don't think negative you can loose weight it's just having the right diet and getting your metabolism raging like a fire and the weight loss will soon become apparent but they will bot give any patient a gastric bypass without them going through roughly 2 years of weight loss first and then you have to prove that you can keep the weight off. I broke my back and neck and I can barely walk I also have multiple sclerosis and addisons disease but I have done everything they asked me and I'm 6ft 10 and 22 stone and the weight loss is easy it's the operation that's the big hurdle and it's a big deal it's a big operation to have by anyone's standards.