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want to loose my weight


i wanna loose my weight so plz tell me what can i do for loosing my weight.nw m 60kg i wanna go on 50 plz tell me what could i do?

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It's funny what some people's interpretation of a balanced diet is. I would have thought it involved 'real' food, since that is what our ancestors ate during the evolution of our species.

How old and how tall are you bhavisya?

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You appear to be arguing what is wrong with some modern agriculture; that doesn't explain why a processed food would be preferable, which of course it isn't, especially when we eat unadulterated real-food.


In order for you to reduce 10kg you need to be determined and focused on your goals. Just set some short term goal like lose 1kg in 2 weeks. Achieve the short term goal then you will get motivated to do more.

Its easy to lose weight but its hard for keeping it off. Don't do any fad diet like GM diet/ Egg diet/ Water fasting. These diets will help you lose weight but will once you are off it you will gain all the weight back and few more.

Try to change a small habit like eating junk snack with eating nuts / fruits like apple,orange. Try to eat Indian gooseberry in the morning it will help with fiber. Do one change and practice it until it becomes a habit.

Walk to shopping,office / any place that you can daily. Do sleep for 8 hours every night it will reduce the stress which will reduce your body fat. Drink more water (4L a day).

If you can do some weight training (dumbell / push-up ) and cardio (running /fast walking / rowing / jumping in place ) every day. All these things should become your habit by practice then you will be in your ideal weight in no time.

PS: I am not a doctor / PT / nutritionist so don't follow anything i say blindly. Research all the above points in internet and consult a doctor before doing any physical activity.

All the best for losing 10 kgs. Message me if you need more support as i am also in journey of losing weight by doing the above things.


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