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Need some advise on maintaining weight

Hi Guys, I just lost 25kg in around 6 months but now I dont know how to maintain...

Food guilt

Hi. I’m now nearly 2 years maintainer. But recently or maybe for one year now I ...

Beginner 😅

Hiya, planning on starting this weight loss plan for New Years but not sure if I...
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How do I see more recent posts from Maintainers Club Please?

Hi Everyone, I'm still a newbie. I keep checking the maintainers club page but t...
JLos5 stone

Adding calories, starting my maintenance journey.

Am feeling a little nervous as I shall be adding calories back into my diet from...

Trying to keep weight off(again!)

I am just within the healthy weight range for my height and age and I want to dr...

Zest's Update Post - Wearing the same top over a decade apart!!!

Hi everyone, Over the weekend, whilst I was sorting out my wardrobe, I came acro...

Give up the YO-YO

Hi all. Been a while since I did a post. Been really busy at work. So I thought ...

Maintenance and Exercise

Maintenance, or the prospect of it, seems to scare us as we all worry about reg...

Maintaining 101

Some of the hows of my maintaining, and the rationale behind them. The evidence ...
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