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Weight loss

I’m new here and am trying to loose weight but struggling. If any of you have an...
Emily832020 October

Pound a week

I’m enjoying this app and find it very useful Only lost a pound the first week ...
Snubby2020 October

Counting Calories

Hope all are having a great day today. I am counting calories because my doctor ...
sprout222020 August
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Tuesday is my start day

Hi all, tomorrow will be my start day for nhs 12 weeks weight loss plan....been...

Help !

Can you all please read my long - winded profile . I’m a new member and desperat...
Fedupoldie2020 July


Hi I’m new to this diet may need a lot of help ,I have been told to lose weight ...
Loveleylady2020 July

Losing weight too fast?

I was reading around and I came across some suggestions that if you lose weight ...

Calorie confusion

Hi. I have checked my BMI on the NHS checker and it states I should have betwee...

Confusing Calories

I have read lots of posts about eating the correct calorie amount (more than you...

Newbie struggling with Calorie target

Please I need some help........ I'm really struggling to hit the recommended cal...
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