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Keto ?

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Wish32023 January
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does anyone know anything about the Keto diet ? Thinking of starting need to take drastic action ! Was wondering if it worth looking into or too complicated?

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Thank you for posting.

I personally don't have experience with Keto diet, although I do tend to avoid highly processed carbs as much as possible. Hopefully someone will be able to share their personal experience, to me it always sounded a bit too restrictive and I was never willing to give up my fruit :)

Many people on here are happy with low carb approach, not necessarily full Keto. However, 'drastic' is not the word that implies sustainability :) So I do hope there's nothing too drastic in your plans. All the very best :)

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Wish32023 January in reply to N-o-r-d-i

yes might go for no potatoes, bread or pasta ?

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N-o-r-d-iModerator in reply to Wish3

what helped me the most was the information I read up about the functioning of insulin in our bodies. Somehow, when that made sense, it became much easier to make choices for food.

Our TeamAdmin even prepared a post about it:

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Wish32023 January in reply to N-o-r-d-i

thank you 🙏

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Wish3

That's a good place to start. And have a look at the Diet Doctor site. It has picture guides showing carb values for different foods. Once you are familiar with them, you can build your meals around them.

There's no firm definition of "keto" but as a generalisation, you could say below 20g carbs per day. Not many people stick with that long term as it is quite restrictive but you may like to give it a go for a couple of weeks, then ease into low carb

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Wish32023 January in reply to BridgeGirl

thank you 🙏

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Finding_FitnessSS Supercook

G.P., Dr. Michael Mosley's keto diet books are good. He's done weightloss TV shows too, taking a bunch of folk, who's excess weight was causing serious health issues, putting them on a low carb diet to lose a stone in 21 days. His wife, who is also a doctor, does the recipes, which are easy to make and don't need ingredients that no-one besides tv chefs ever buys 🤣

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Wish32023 January in reply to Finding_Fitness

thank you 🙏 I’ll look them up ! Just think a quick kickstart might be in order !

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Finding_FitnessSS Supercook in reply to Wish3

You're welcome. If you're in the UK, the programmes might be on 4 OnDemand, or if not, maybe on YouTube

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Hi and welcome, I don't do keto but have been doing low carb high fat with around 70 - 90g of carbs and am losing weight at a slow steady rate which I hope will remain off

I have looked at Diet Doctor site and love some of the meals, there is also this site for ideas for meals too

Wishing you all the best, why not pop along to the Daily Diary and have a read of some of the plans on there. It's a great place to post your menu for the day, see what others are eating and steal some of their meals ;)

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RofD7lbs in reply to PediPaws

Having looked up the 'have butter will travel' website after you put the link on another thread, I can thoroughly recommend it.

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Wish32023 January in reply to PediPaws

Thank you how do I get on Daily Diary ?

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Wish3

Hi Wish3, this is the link to our pinned posts, click on the link below then scroll down, our Daily Diary is the 4th post down, just click on the title :)

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Wish32023 January in reply to TheTabbyCat

thank you 🙏

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I am very much inclined to favour a low or reduced carb approach. Full keto is far too restrictive for me as I like fruit although I limit myself to no more than 2 pieces a day. Over the years we have had it drummed into us to base our meals around starchy carbs such as bread, potatoes, grains, etc. I believe this has led to people eating far too much of that kind of thing.

I agree with N-o-r-d-i that it is unwise to do anything drastic. Ideally, 1lb - 2lbs a week is a safe rate of weight loss. You will get lots of ideas from joining in on the Daily Diary and weekly weigh in. Wishing you all the best with your weight loss journey.

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Enantiodromia772023 January

Im with what other people say here about reading up on insulin etc. Consider also an understanding of ghrelin and cortisol too.From my own personal experience of weight. From a BMI stand point im clinically obese, yet on average my body % fat is below 20%. I've been ill for over a year and I've gradually undergone a metamorphisis from a T bone to a dough nut shape. Im horiffied as Im now 30 % fat. My weight has not changed (88kg, height 167cm) but body compostion only This has its risk factors if I continue around this figure for my age. In the past I tried keto and I found it way too harsh. I used to try fasting too with my partner and couldn't do it either. The headaches, low energy made me feel awful. When I ate I would nearly pass out. So I reintroduced carbs. So many books, so many diets etc. I'd say ignore it from a "fad" point of view. Make a food diary first of everything you eat and drink currently for at least a week. Look at it from a nutritional point of view first. Then perhaps make ADJUSTMENTS. E.g sugar, if you have 2 spoons try 1 3/4 one week. The brain has to be weaned of the easy excess etc and the body has to slow ly start firing up. Look also at your possible predisposiition traits genetically. Family history if you are able is a good place to start from.

Excercise should be gentle. Personally as I have sport injuries and work injuries I watch the activities I do with regards to joint impact etc until my body weight is more inline with proportional ratios. Swimming to start with or taking your ear pods etc sitting on a rowing machine (boring maybe) and just gently keeping a manageable rhythm 5 mins and see how far you go km/miles. Grab the gym instructor every now and then to check your form and muscle engagement. If you weigh yourself everyday do it same time. You will go up and down, dont fret. You you may get even heavier again don't fret. The new you is still in there, keep going, the furniture is just being rearranged. Rely on how your feel within yourself. When looking at yourself in the mirror, your amazing body is within you. This is your journey no one else's. We each fall into general physical categories of body type etc. Understanding where you are now is a starting point. It's hard work and no gym people aren't vain etc ignore the stereotyping. When you make the small changes over time these habits turn into a lifestyle. Ive made excercixe a necessity in mine. If I am.not near a swimming pool where I can swim or a gym I'm not going to live there. If there isn't one I will travel within reason. I hope you can find what works for you. Bottom line don't Diet make informed nutritional intake adjustments. Have a treat everyday. I keep a packet of biscuits that look like flowers with a red jam centre haha. After a swim or workout one of them was my treat. A packet used to last me a week. That's until my partner with the assistance of my nosey dog found my biscuits in my gym bag and finished them off. Omg there was a war , just dont touch my treats. Cant decide if I'm more Grinch or Hulk like when my biscuits get scoffed by these intruders😂.

Im glad you looking into making changes. You are in the right mind set and don't give up, coz when you do, you fail. I'm hoping to be able to start exercising again and making adjustments again, yes again,to my diet It never stops in one way or another. Its exciting and it's you looking after you. N No one else is going to do this. It might force me to learn to cook new things even. All the Best

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GrigidModerator in reply to Enantiodromia77

Hi Enantiodromia77, and thanks for your very thorough reply. You do mention your BMI score at the beginning, and I'm not sure if you are on a weight loss journey yourself? If you are, we have a number of threads where members share ideas and offer positive support to each other,

The link for all the groups we have on Weight Loss Support is here:

Best wishes, and I hope the biscuit thieves stay away!

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Enantiodromia772023 January in reply to Grigid

Hi there, I will be attempting my weight loss journey as soon as Ive finished, hopefully, my last treatment course soon. Biscuits thieves, are now down to one potential invader. The gym bag is on temporary vacation, it too gaining weight with dust. It is however, occasionally headbutted by my dog in frustration as I'm I sure it no longer has a sweet alluring scent. Thank you for the link too.

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GrigidModerator in reply to Enantiodromia77

You're welcome, and all the very best for your treatment (and I hope the bag can lose a bit of excess weight soon too 😂)

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There is no need to go fully keto ( how do yo you know you are fully keto without frequent blood tests?). it is a very restricted diet which means that you virtually can't eat anything socially. Start with avoiding bread, biscuits, pasta, sugary deserts and refined starches as in processed food and you'd be surprised how much you can lose. If you loose to much weight too soon you'd be surprised how your family and friends will worry about your health and the pressure will become hard to bear. Avoid refined seed oils because they cause systemic inflammation and fluid retention and cook with coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, animal fats or butter.

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Wish32023 January in reply to Eryl

thank you I think that’s the approach I’m going to take

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Been on keto for nearly ten years. Not that hard. I do eat fruit--berries, and I generally have them with full cream. I keep my carbs under 30g, and I monitor my blood. If I go over, it's probably because I eat too many vegetables, though I generally soak them in olive oil.

Nowadays, there are terrific substitutes available that make the diet downright easy: really decent keto bread, ice cream, cereal, sugar substitutes, flour substitutes (I make my own pasta), chips, in my grocery they've just introduced keto whole (plain or chocolate) milk!

For me, a strict diet is easier, because I was always bad about slippage--a "little bit" of anything turned into too much. Black and white, no cheat days is easier. Also, I can't stand "portion control"...when I sit down to eat I want to eat until I am full!

I lost about 50 lbs early on, and I've kept it off. But I'll never go off the diet--I'm sure I'd gain it back.

(Full disclosure: I also do IF. But keto keeps you from feeling as hungry, so you CAN)

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You probably got all the answers you need to know from all the replies you've received already..but when I went on a low carb diet nearly 3 years ago and quickly lost 11 kilos in under 11 weeks, I found after a few weeks I was on about 20 to 30 carbs a day..from my knowledge at the time, this was keto..I did end up with very bad breath for a while and what was called keto flu..for a few days, so I started eating a little bread and butter and boiled potatoes again..I think the link that you was given along with the other link in it from TheAwfulToad is well worth reading.

Good luck 👍

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Wish32023 January in reply to Happyman5

thank you 🙏 I’ve decided to go with ketoish ! Dropping main carbs & seeing how weight goes !🤦‍♀️👍

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