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old people just want to have fun

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catlover408Restart Jan 2023
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I have lymphedema,diabietes,OAB,neuropathy in both foot, sever bone on bone osteoarithritis and level 9 pain every day. i am 4,ft 11 inches and 250 pounds. i am in a wheel chair and can't make my own food, i hate diets, i an 73 and i want tired.

4 Replies
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Hi catlover408 and welcome back. I expect that you can still find your way around our forum but as some things have changed here's the link to the pinned posts where you can find all our different activities, including a weekly weigh in ,the daily diary and a daily chat. Just click on the blue link below and scroll down until you find something which interests you.


As you mention hating diets, perhaps you could have a go at just being a little more mindful about what you eat. I suggest that you visit our Daily Diary, there are lots of tips from our members about different life styles. Diet is just another word for way of life.

All the best on your weight loss journey.

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Hello and welcome :) What is your plan for weight loss? You'll find plenty of support here

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catlover408Restart Jan 2023 in reply to BridgeGirl

as we speak i have made mlnl steps so l won't feel like l am on the D word

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to catlover408

Good for you :) If you head over to the daily diary, you can start sharing your plans with other members and maybe pick up some ideas.

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