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all my weight goes to my stomach

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all my jelly tends to go right to the belly does anyone else have this problem ?

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Mine is belly, bum and thighs

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey :)

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Hello Sarahslater and welcome, I see from your profile that you lost 20lbs before your wedding how did you get such a good result? Was it a strict, difficult to sustain diet and how long has it taken for that weight + a bit more, to creep back on?

As you're holding a glass of something sparkling, it doesn't look like water :) you may like to join our Drinkless Club. When we seriously want to lose some extra weight,drinking wine or spirits with mixers doesn't help, especially where belly fat is concerned . This is the link to the December post.

As BridgeGirl suggests, join in with the forum, click on the link she gave you to the pinned posts and scroll down until you find something that interests you.

Choose a sustainable weight loss plan and share your progress with one of the weekly weigh ins, join in with the Daily Diary to learn about different weight loss plans.

I hope to see you participating, good luck 🍀

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I was on Arbonne shakes only. So like 600 calories a day with three shakes. I basically wanted to lose the weight to keep my husband, boyfriend at the time.

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oh and yes I gained about 110 lbs since covid and it really is all in my stomach. To the point where it gets in the way during you know what. Oh and yea I drink a lot.

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Happyman5Visitor in reply to

Putting on a 110 lbs in such a short time really takes some beating. I suspect if as you say you drink a lot, it will be contributing towards it in more then one ways. It can stop your body from burning fat, its high in calories, it can make you feel hungry and lead to cravings for salty and greasy foods.Quite a lot of us have taken the low carb high fat approach to losing's well worth looking into.

I only had 11 kilos to lose to get to a healthy BMI..but even that was a game changer.. good luck with your weight loss journey..and hope the new year is kind to you, and your kind to yourself..😊

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One4Cookie2022 December

Hi Sarahslater. I can relate. I used to fluctuate in my weight in my past but NOT like lately. The weight is wrapping around my tummy, hips and thighs. Its never been like this before. I mean, I know I had been depressed since January of 2022 cuz my little brother passed away. We were close. I STILL have a difficult time processing it but I'm in grieving classes to help me through it as well. And now my Father passed away just recently. Oh goodness. And I'm not able to walk, stand due to a leg and foot injury. However I am on a stationary bike and yet, no weight loss. Belly is still there. I'm even in a weight management class to help me with healthy meal eating but my weight wont move. It's just there. But I CAN'T AND WON'T GIVE UP, nope nope! So I just know that we can do this, WE CAN🤗. I hope you had an amazing Christmas!

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I’m so sorry about your brother. I couldn’t imagine going through that.

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One4Cookie2022 December

Thank you for your condolences. Yes, that area of my life has been the most difficult. And he had just gotten married 2 1/2 months prior to his passing. I couldn't even make it to his bedside because I was in the middle of recovering from a surgery (lower back) just prior to this. He lived in Arizona and I live in California and was unable to travel. So now, I'm really trying to get healthier and get my weight back on track and its been all haywire. I just have to find that "open door" to step out.

Same was happening to me but it was the upper part of the body. It turned out zi have insulin resistance.

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GrigidModerator in reply to

Good morning and thanks for posting a reply here. If you're still on your own weight loss journey you can check out all the current groups and threads we have at the moment by clicking on the pinned posts here:

Any questions just let us know, all the best :)

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Thank you, Grigid. I have looked at them and non seems to having similar problems. Yes I am a long way off, I was overweight by 35 kg. I have only lost 12kg. However, I am on following a controversial remedy which, I suspect, I posted about on the sight, admin will come down on me like a ton of bricks.

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One4Cookie2022 December in reply to

What is insulin resistance, if I may ask? How did you know you had that situation?

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to One4Cookie

Most of us who are very overweight have some degree of insulin resistance. This short video is a good starting point: you can find the others in the Skinny series on YouTube

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to BridgeGirl

... and this post ...

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so we went on a two week cruise last summer where me and my husband both didn’t work out and ate the same things. I gained 12 pounds and he didn’t gain anything and we both virtually ate and drank the same things.

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One4Cookie2022 December

I've always wanted to find a way to be on zoom with people who'd like to exercise together on zoom. But all I can do is my stationary bike right now. To be able to talk and chat with others in the process. Sounds fun to me. I wonder if something like that exists? Or to speak to someone who'd like to share some positivity together. YAAY! Well, I'll keep checking 😊 You know Sarahslater, I believe in you and me and everyone here! Marching on to the top for us all! No more bellies for us!🤗

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it would be so weird to have a flat stomach again. I’m so used to having to wear (tummy control) to keep her from bouncing around or hanging over things. 🤢

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Fatgorrilla3kg in reply to

I got down to a healthy BMI but I still have a huge belly I think that it's the way you are made it either goes on your butt or your stomach good luck with your weight loss journeyI went on a cruise and lost weight don't know how much because I went on a 3 week vacation and part of that was a cruise and I lost 7lb in 3 weeks and have kept it off I still have 10lb to lose well after Christmas probably 18lb

That is when Insulin remains high and becomes ineffective. All the food you eat is turned to glucose and stored on the body. Could you please google it, visit the NHS website. You are tested but doctors in Britain are reluctant to diagnose it unless you are diabetic. They only test glucose.

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Not just the jelly but think I have the custard too . Loving the sassy dress

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