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Best Juicer Brand?

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Faster4Life2022 November
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I have seen a lot of content about juicing for weight loss, but no one ever talks about which one works best!

Any recommendations before I buy *Amazon's Pick*😄

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Hi, not sure what you're thinking of juicing but if you're going for a keto/low carb approach, you'll be keeping fruit to a minimum. Juicing tends to give you the downsides of fruit (the sweetness/sugar) without the upsides of fibre. Same for veg: fibre is a useful component lost in juicing. I'd say stick with veg and fruit as it comes

There are some visual low carb guides here

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HazelP176 stone

I love fruits and veggies and I eat them a lot and a lot more.

But even I wouldn't recommend juicing or smoothies because they are everything stuffed in a small volume and count as a whole meal or more - calorie and nutrition wise - but didn't fill the stomach for long.

And my sister who is diabetic warned me they are full of the bad sugar and way too much for one day because they trigger the insulin and blood sugar way too much even when you are not dealing with diabetes so far.

Whole fruits and veggies works best, besides the sugar and loss of fiber, I'm sure that you lose the 'life' of the fruits and veggies when you mechanically manipulate them.

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Yep, when I had to GAIN weight, I was advised to "drink my calories", ie, have smoothies in place of solid food. You can tuck away far more without even noticing.

Juice, never, as it is pretty much all sugar/simple carbs. If you want to fast, stick with water and tea, I think.

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Faster4Life2022 November in reply to amykp

Thanks for that. I assumed if I was juicing my own green veggies, I would be better off than trying to buy it in stores. I've heard of people adding a little apple or carrot juice for flavor, as long as you don't overdo it. These were an attempt at a lower calorie meal replacement, maybe twice a day.

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HazelP176 stone in reply to Faster4Life

For the green stuff from the grocery store you don't need a juice press but a smoothie maker which is a little sister of an emerson blender. If you have an emerson blender or food processor you can try your green smoothies in them. Add a piece of banana for more texture and you can also add any green?? the green plants in the ocean nori or wakame powder or sprouting green grass powder to make it a superfood.

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