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And it's happening again...

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moonlight892022 July

Hey everyone,

so I started my new weight loss journey on July 10th after regaining a lot of my previously lost weight. My goal is to lose 13kg by December 10th.

It has been about a week now since I started my new sustainable meal and exercise plan for this journey. I've had two slip ups last week, and so I charged into this week, determined to be better than last week. But alas, my family was invited to a spontaneous summer get together with family friends. A huge dinner is planned for today. Just after I had a successful Monday following my meal plan and starting a new exercise challenge.

I guess here's exactly when I have to remind myself again that I'm on my journey for the long run. I will not let my diet control every aspect of my life. I am in this for the long run and I will not miss out on opportunities to spend time with my friends and family just because I'm scared of ruining my meal plan.

I'll just do my best. And I don't think celebrating with my friends and family will lead to any major setbacks anyway, as I follow my plan about 80% of the time. Despite slip ups due to get togethers and celebrations, especially during the summer holiday time, I will not give up on my goal and on my plan of losing 13kg by December. I won't be on a strict plan the whole time and that's ok, because I'll be doing something far greater instead:

I'll be doing my best.

Sometimes I really need to write and post my self-pep-talks to strengthen their meaning to me, if you have something you'd like to share that gets you motivated and reassures you, then go right ahead!

I hope everyone has a good day :)

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Good luck, we will be cheering you on 🥳

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LosingGame2022 May

Hi moonlight89

Listening to affirmations for whatever I am up to on youtube keep me motivated.

I thing moderation is the key to success and if u like u can follow any of the strategies in this link:


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