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LCHF - the scientific explanation

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I was just browsing Youtube last night and came across this excellent video by Dr Garry Fettke which explains why the LCHF diet is so healthy.

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CallisonRestart Nov 2021

Hi 👋 Eryl, thanks for the link. I watched it. It was quite complicated in places but an excellent explanation. Carbs to seem to have become a dietary staple, they are everywhere. When I was growing up ( I’m 64) they were treats ie: cake 🍰 or biscuits or a dietary filler ie: Yorkshire puddings or bread on the side. We used 2 have 3 meals a day. My daughters always eating fruit 🍉 and I tell her how bad it is, I’ve sent her the link.

Thanks for posting this link Eryl, I will save it. It was useful and informative. Helps to reinforce many decisions I've made over recent years. A very accessible video too.