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Oh dear!

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anu75Restart Oct 2021

I eat around 2000kcals today but I walked a lot today as I have been doing a few meditations as still quite upset. The only junk was a fairy cake and a blueband. I walked off 1000kcals as did 24.5k steps. I know thats a lot!

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Good heavens thats an enormous amount of steps! Well done you

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anu75Restart Oct 2021 in reply to dontdojogging

Thank you, I did sleep really well last night from 10.30pm until around 4,30am. I weighed this morning and I lost 0.2Kg. Walking and meditation are the only things that keep me sane right now. I want try again for a baby and I heard it's important to have more Vitamin D and the UVB rays peak around 1pm so I walk then whilst I am still off sick. I didn't realize but the UVB which we need for vitamin d production doesn't pass through glass and because I do want to try again before it's too late , I am going to go out on my lunch breaks when I return to work and just walk! I also heard too much caffeine is bad so I am having one cup of tea (no sugar ) and then I switch to hot chocolate. Last night I was walking around I met a lot of foxes and yesterday I saw a golden frog too , I 'm not sure if he changed colour to mix in with the golden leaves near by??

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