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Over weight again.

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Some of you will remember me posting from a hotel room whilst stranded in Cambodia for over 10 months.. I posted every day from when I started my weight loss journey..I lost just over 11 kilos in under 11 weeks, year on and am still at a healthy weight..I've only ever been overweight the once in my life and what started that was the medication I started taking for my newly discovered health issues.

At the time I was on this forum I mentioned many times that my youngest son who was with me also lost 10 kilos, he was only 8 years old and weigh 44 kilos..and looked amazing from the loss of weight.. we have since got back home in mid January and slowly he has been put on weight again, enough to start worrying me about his future.

He was born a big boy and is a big build, but he puts on weight so easily and it's much more difficult to control what he's eating as we are a big family and food is so easy available.

I have been reading a lot about metabolism and genetics as he older brother eats nearly double then him but still stays slim.

I will get him back to a good weight again but fear that this will be a life long problem for him because he has something wrong with him..

Is there any members on here that have had problems with weight gain from when they were children and it been a problem into their adult lives..if so I would like to hear how you have coped and what if any medical reasons that have played a part for weight gain.

Thanks for listening. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

10 Replies
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Hi Happyman4,

I do feel for your son, it must be horrible for him to be the only one in the family that needs to monitor what he eats. I do understand what it's like to be the fat child amongst a peer group of skinny children and remember being mortified at being taken to a dietitian at the age of 8. My weight issues have been life long, possibly genetic and I really hope the same won't be true for your son.

As I've seen the wonderfully healthy meals you and your wife prepare for your children, I wonder if it would be worth having a doctor check him out, to rule out any medical reasons for his weight gain? You know yourself that genetics and hormones can play a part and it may be that things could be corrected medically.

Maybe there's something here that could help?



Wishing you all the best of luck.

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Happyman4Visitor in reply to moreless

Thanks for getting back to me and giving me your own personal experiences, I do appreciate it very much..it's a very worrying for me for him. I read the links you gave me and it did ring a bell or two, ๐Ÿ™‚

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BluebirdX02021 September

Hi! Have you thought about changing the habits of the family so your youngest son feels included?

Learning healthy eating habits is important even for kids that are not overweight and can help prevent diseases when they hit adulthood.

I would also suggest avoiding using the term overweight or fat with him (not claiming that you did). Kids should learn that our body is like a machine and food is like our fuel. That's why we should eat foods that nourish our bodies and gives us energy. If we don't eat enough, we don't have energy and if we eat too much, our body overworks and starts to malfunction. Weight shouldn't be the concern.

Does he play any sports? Being active is also important for keeping our bodies working. You could also invite him for weekly walks, hikes or to bike with you. Something fun that you can do together.

Teaching him to listen to his body and take care of it should be the main concern

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MissisBAdministrator in reply to BluebirdX0

Hello and welcome BluebirdX0.

Are you joining us on this Forum to lose weight, or to join in with all our chat and activities?

Either is fine, and you are welcome, I just want to make sure you are welcomed properly.

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BluebirdX02021 September in reply to MissisB

Hi! I'm joining for both. I gained a bit of weight over the quarantine due to a lack of physical activity and emotional eating, so I'm trying to lose it.

I'm still finding my way into this forum. Do I need to write an introduction or comment in a specific post first?

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MissisBAdministrator in reply to BluebirdX0

You can post a standalone post if you want, or just join straight in with things as you have done.

If you want some help finding your way around, just go to the Pinned Posts and have a read through things there which will help to explain the set up. And join in all the activities and challenges you want to. I am sure jennilou would encourage you to join our Christmas Challenge.

I have given you a shiny badge to show you have joined us.

Wishing you all the best.

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jennilou7lbs in reply to BluebirdX0

Hi BluebirdX0 as MissisB says we would love you to come over and join Lytham , and my and all the others on our Christmas Challenge๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…, you just have to write your start weight for it and how much you would like to lose by Christmas Day. Its a 13 week challenge now really 12 and half. Also you think of a treat to give yourself at the end.๐ŸŽ. So come on over and join the gang we are a friendly and supportive group and you should have lots of fun:)

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Happyman4Visitor in reply to BluebirdX0

Hi BluebirdXO, first thank you for taking the time for your reply. it did straight away make me think that I should definitely avoid saying overweight and fat to him..I think now that I've just taken my of the ball. But now it's back on full time.

We hardly been out the house for the last 8 months due to covid restrictions..but we do have exercise equipment that he enjoys, punch bag, weights, treadmill, and a large garden.. my wife was a weight lifter keeps very fit, and helps him with that, he is quite strong and healthy..and can run around for hours when he has a mind to.

I think just by putting this post on and showing it to my wife and children has really helped to get the attention that's needed and make the changes that's needed to get him back to looking good.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

Hi Happyman. I was always pudgy as a child but lost some in my teens. We did eat poorly as money was very tight and cheap food was fattening. I was quite active though and did play sports. I think it is important to get a handle on it now and you have received some good advice above.

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Happyman4Visitor in reply to Maxy6

Thank you for your reply Maxy, when I had control of everything he eat when we was stranded in Cambodia for 10 months, he lost 10 kilos, could walk for miles and swim for hours in the hotel swimming pool that the manager gave us sole use of.But since returning home and my health has taken a turn for the worse, I've been relaying more on my wife and gotten very layed back with to many cans of beer.

Anyway I'm drifting away and making my reply to long.

I have made it very clear to everyone that changes need to happen or he will end up suffering for the rest of his life..I know this for sure.

Changes have been made already and more will be made.

I think in a couple of months most if not all the fat on him will be gone.

I will post again in a couple of months time. Thank so much for your reply to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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