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Moomcd2021 August

only joined here today so trying to navigate.... it is imperative I put down my weight etc..body measurements.. .I'm far too embarrassed.. !

I have no idea about measurements as don't even own a tape measure, I've also seen people doing things in kilos which I have zero clue about, I work in old money not new....

So here goes.... this morning I was 13 stone 10bs and thoroughly, desperately miserable... my own fault so no sympathy required.... I would like to lose 2 and a half stone but need all the encouragement I can get.. .go easy on me please... admins, apologies if I've done it wrong...

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This should help you post on today's weigh-in correctly, Moomcd :)

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jd654 stone

Moreless has pointed you in the right direction for today's weigh in but I wanted to add my thoughts.

Please don't ever be embarrassed to post your weight or measurements on here. This is a safe space and we are all or have been in the same place as you. Some of us were alot bigger when we started and this was the only place I mentioned my start weight 'out loud'. (17st 2lb incase you are interested 😀) . Alot of us weigh in st and lbs but we also do lbs only and kgs. It depended more on the country you are based in.

It may be worth buying yourself a tape measure as I discovered that even on weeks where weigh was slow coming off the tape measure still showed a difference.

Good luck with your weightloss and welcome to the forum.

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I second what Jd has just said. There's no embarrassment here. I started at 24 st 1 (153kg) i use Kg as it ties in with my hospital visits. I'm in the 12's now and have only ever received support and help. I've only recently owned up to friends and family with the weight i started at. I'm heading over to the weigh in a minute (it's been a weird day so i'm late). Hope to see you there 💖 xx

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siggie1st 7lbs

A massive, warm welcome to the first day of the new you!!! I had just typed out a reply and then pressed delete by accident!! The support on this forum is tremendous and the Daily Diary and weekly weigh ins are a fabulous source of encouragement and great for pinching recipes. I spotted you on today's Monday Mass Movers, wishing you all the luck in the world and look forward to following your journey to a lighter and brighter you


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Hello Moomcd, welcome to our friendly community. It's second to none for support and encouragement, what's more, nobody will judge you. There is certainly no need to be embarrassed, especially as you are now taking steps to deal with your weight.

I don't think you are likely to be miserable for long, there's so much going on here with a great bunch of people who help make weight loss that bit more fun.

'Old money' is fine. I use that system as well. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so good luck with your weight loss journey and my best wishes to you.

Morning Md

Your honesty is inspiring we were new too and I found the navigation quite tricky and I use various forms of electronic communication every day in the workplace so that’s was an eye 👁 opener here.

We all have to start somewhere I know and even though I work in ‘old money too’ there is a site a well known company who if you type in the browser it converts pounds weight into kg and vice versa - it’s a very useful tool. Good luck going forward.


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