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Glucose tolerance test

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Buddysmum1242021 July

Hello again thanks for your kind replies before, I'm off for a GTT on Wednesday I feel so nervous about it, I've had three before when I was pregnant and multiple other diabetic tests cause I'm a large lady, do I need to be worried about this test??

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If you've had these tests before, you'll know there's nothing to be worried about. You are now armed with information to reverse type 2 diabetes and lose weight, so even if you have a positive diagnosis, you'll know exactly what to do and we'll be here to help you :)

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Buddysmum1242021 July in reply to moreless

Thanks I think I'm just panicking about everything!! I need to be more positive x

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Buddysmum124

It's perfectly understandable, but try not to worry :)

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It's the one with the drinking liquid and holding it for an hour right? I had that one a while ago and it tastes a bit unpleasant but that's it. As moreless says, you have the tools to reverse even type 2 so, try not to worry. I have a friend on slimming world who has managed to bring her meds right down with losing weight and another who is now in normal range. A lady who was pre diabetic like me also on slimming world managed the same as me with going back to normal range so, definitely can be done 👍

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Buddysmum1242021 July in reply to Bee-bop

Thanks so much xxx

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Good morning Buddysmum.

It's understandable that you are concerned about your test. Is it the results you are panicking about? I'm the same in that respect. As others have said, you now have the tools to deal with the weight loss and possible pre-diabetes situation.

With regard to you saying that you need to be more positive, the Daily Diary can really help with positivity. It's well underway at the moment and worth reading to get a feel of the lively atmosphere. It helps us make weight loss that bit more fun.

Good luck and best wishes for your test tomorrow.

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Buddysmum1242021 July in reply to Drodie

Yes the results I've a lot going on at the moment and this has just compounded my anxiety I just want to fix myself hence I feel I've brought this upon myself!! I've certainly had a thorough MOT these last few months!! Is the daily diary the one where it's a day ahead? Do you just share stories etc?? Thanks again for the reply xxx

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Drodie6lbs in reply to Buddysmum124

Hi Buddysmum

Some of the hosts put up the diary a few days ahead but we can't post ourselves until after 9pm the night before the date of the diary - is my understanding. We usually then post what meals we have planned, any exercise we aim to do and just a bit about general things we might be doing. The meal planning helps us stay on track. Other members then post replies, encouragement or just get into some lively chat. It's best to see it for yourself so here's the link.

It's so easy to become anxious when you have a lot going on. You seem to be beating yourself up about your weight. You don't need to especially now you are taking steps to deal with it. Best wishes.

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Buddysmum1242021 July in reply to Drodie

Thanks for that xxxx will look into that I'm learning support is a very valuable tool xxx

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