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A new start

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I've been doing the NHS weight loss app, counting calories this week, my starting weight was 239lbs and today I weighed 232lbs, hoping I can continue on this path, hopefully reading other members stories will help me stay on track

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Morning Pinkette. Well done on your start, an amazing 7lb loss. Have you joined a weigh in day? You will find you get a massive amount of support once you join a team. Here's a link to the Pinned Posts where you will find all our daily, weekly and monthly events.


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Pinkette7lbs in reply to springersrule

Thank you Springersrule, I've been on the pinned Post and did a post so thanks for letting me know about it

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springersruleModerator in reply to Pinkette

That's brilliant Pinkette. Well done, you'll get a huge welcome 😊 xx

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Mara1742021 June

Hi Pinkette. Congratulations on a fantastic first week. I started yesterday weighing 236lbs and I hope that I could achieve a similar loss in my first week.

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Pinkette7lbs in reply to Mara174

Thank you Mara174, here's wishing you a good week

Congrats on your first week Pinkette! I’ve also just started at 228 pounds... I’ll be weighing in on Sundays.... So hoping to show some progress like yours!! Keep up the good work!

Thank you Waggingtail Spaniel, here's wishing you a good week

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Ladytrucker12021 April

You can do this. Stay in contact and keep us posted. Good luck

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Pinkette7lbs in reply to Ladytrucker1

Thank you Ladytrucker1

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