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Hope you don't mind.

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Hope you don't mind my posting on here, I've been posting the LCHF forum for some time but I forever been trolled, most all of by the member.

Not having an moderator there's not a lot I can do about it.

I do enjoy posting my meals it keeps me occupied.

Completely forgot to say what I posted. Breakfast this morning, asparagus with eggs and tomato, and filet steak.

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25 Replies
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siggie1 stone

Welcome Happyman4, I too follow LCHF but don't use the forum as I feel much comfier on the weight loss forum. And fillet steak for breakfast sounds like a great idea, not sure I could do it but "each to their own😂😂" now I could have it for me tea😊

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Thank you for your welcome siggie, am normally up and about before daylight and doing something in the house then doing something in the garden for a few hours before I eat. This morning was heavy work that's way there so much for breakfast at about 10.30. And it was my wife that cooked if for me..

Can fully understand why you feel more comfortable on the weight loss forum, I think most everyone does..I only started posting on there because no one had put a post on for 15 days..waiting for a response was unnerving ☹

Anyhow I keep at it regardless.

Nice of you to reply, and I hope you been keeping well..🙂

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Caroline626 stone

Welcome Happyman. You are welcome to post here. We have a few things going on here. A daily Diary were we tell each what we are eating. Every day there is a weigh in. You can join any day that suits you. Or if you are at a weight that you are happy with there is a maintenance post. Also a dairy chat. These are found on the right of your screen if you have a iPad. Or down the bottom on a phone. Take time to read up then maybe you will Join in. Your breakfast looks good and should keep you going for some time before you have another meal. Take care. 😊

in reply to Caroline62

Thank Caroline 62, I am very happy with keeping a healthy BMI for nearly a year after losing all the weight I needed to lose. I keep different times, I think its or 7 hours ahead of you, but I will join in where I can..as it keeps me on my toes remembering how it was for me being large.

Your right it has been some time since I had breakfast..but it is getting closer to fish and chips time.

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Caroline626 stone in reply to

Lovely enjoy them. 😊

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Hi Happyman4, I follow the LCHF forum, but don't post much either.

I don't eat breakfast but your steak with asparagus, eggs and tomato, sounds like a great lunch idea.

in reply to Loraine518

Hi Loraine518. Lunch or even dinner would be normally what i would have had it for, and perhaps a little less of the asparagus with eggs really , i had to have a lay down after eating all that.Asparagus with eggs and tomato cooked in olive oil is a great combination, we hae that quite a lot, the kids love it with bacon.

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We would ask you to refrain from criticising other HU forums. We are here to make the most of this forum, not criticise others, and we would not like members to be commenting negatively on the Weight Loss Support forum elsewhere on HU.

Please remember, this is an interactive forum where members support and encourage each other. Blogging, whether in note form or by daily posting pictures of meals, does not sit well with that approach. Photos of meals are usually shared by members who are active elsewhere on the forum, often in response to discussion elsewhere.

in reply to TeamAdmin

Okay, completely understand. But why am I being singled out when I have been constantly being bullied on another forum and nothing has ever been done about it.

Please feel welcome to bad me.

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TeamAdminAdministrator in reply to

You are continuing to criticise another forum. That is out of place and unwelcome here

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Canary-Fairy in reply to TeamAdmin

TeamAdmin - your reply has really shocked me, mainly because of all the legal issues around bullying and harassment. It would be best to say you are sorry to hear about his bad experience and you will look into why another forum on HU isn’t being moderated, as bullying and harassment of any kind will never be tolerated by HU. Also, HU obviously needs to review how it allows members to report bullying if this member has felt he has nowhere to turn. By the way - free speech means just that, and if he wants to criticise this, or any other forum, then he can do - we aren’t living in China you know!!

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Susasha1st 7lbs

I enjoy seeing your meal posts. They always look so delicious.

in reply to Susasha

Thank you Susasha, 😊

Porridgelover profile image

I don't they I find the photos unappetising and I see them far too often.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Porridgelover

Hi, welcome back, Porridgelover :)

I see you've been following a lchf plan and are a member of that forum, too. If you'd like to join in activities here, such as the Daily Diary (to share your meal plans) and a weekly weigh in, you'll find everything you need in Pinned Posts, here healthunlocked.com/weight-l...

All the best


in reply to Porridgelover

Great! That will help you to lose weight, so look out for more..😁

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Missdoubleyou in reply to Porridgelover


Porridgelover profile image
Porridgelover in reply to Missdoubleyou

Ask me again in a few weeks!

in reply to Porridgelover

Lol, I worked in the kitchen of a world class chef at the age of 13 to 15. I could name the some of the most famous people in the world he cooked for.I have 4 sisters that can cook old boots and make them taste delicious. And a mother that thought as all the value of been able to cook for yourself and your family.

Dinner guests who have asked if they can take some of my cooking home to eat tomorrow or share with someone.

I am famous in Japan for my cooking due to my wonderful Japanese tenants that I rented my properties in hampstead, London that cooked for me and cooked for them.

Who are you to say such outrageous comments on something you will never have the privilege of knowing what delicious food tastes like.

Really are you that disturbed.

Hopewhispers profile image

Looks nice, u could try poached egg too with the asparagus and cook it until soft so the yolk runs down over the asparagus, lovely, asparagus egg and bacon a good match too

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Rusty15Restart April 2022

Hi happyman4Your breakfast looks lush.

Sorry to hear you have been trolled, could it have been a comment misinterpreted?

Enjoy you day 😊

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I would copy your breakfast but for an evening meal . My go to breakfast is porridge with Greek yogurt and fruit . Are you in USA ?

in reply to focused1

I do love asparagus with eggs and tomatoes for breakfast, especially with bacon ..I try to have it as often as possible, depending on the availability of it in my local market.We love porridge made with milk and a little cold milk on top before eating.

We live in Thailand, have done for 14 years now. Used to live in NW London.

Love it here. 🙂

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focused1Maintainer in reply to

Wow - see the contrast although London isn't as vibrant as it used to be .

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