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Make Habits that Stick.


If you're struggling with being stuck in some eating cycles; the concepts and suggestions in this video are at the very least thought provoking & insightful, and might be what you need to start building new habits.

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It was the comment on social pressures which I found interesting. Definitely my partner often likes a G N T when she comes in and wine with the meal. It’s been a routine we’ve had for years. I don’t want alcohol it’s jeopardising my weight loss. It’s a constant source of friction because I’m not conforming to her expectations that we drink together. I’ve given in a few times and then it shows on the scales. It is getting easier as I’ve not really drank for about eight months except when we’ve gone on hols and then it’s been less than I used to drink.

That definitely must make things feel like an uphill battle just to stay on level ground. I understand how you feel. It can be hard with children too - constantly craving sugar and constantly asking and reminding us of food. I guess the difference is that the child's food choices is in the parents control and once we've gotten the children off sugar and over their addictions and their craving for it (as well as our own), it does get easier.Hope you'll be able to lovingly express how you feel to your partner and eventually get to a solution that you're both comfortable with :)

I’m hoping if we keep at it the people with us realise that’s the way we are and hopefully will always be. It is reducing the amount my partner drinks a little you never know or your family may begin eating more healthily 👍🏽