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I need help !!!

Oscarsaurus2021 January

Hello everyone im 54 and my weight has just gone up and up the last year. I had my fallopian tubes and ovaries removed the end of Nov and ive gained more weight since and with Xmas. I would love to join the weekly weigh ins please and look forward to help and advice from you all xxx

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Hello and welcome, Oscarsaurus :)

So much has worked against us all in the past year, and you've had your surgery as well. This is a great place for information and support so I hope it will help you start to turn things round.

You'll find everything you need by following this link healthunlocked.com/weight-l... to Pinned Posts. Today's weigh in is third down the list of posts and you will be replying to the host, H61g, rather than writing a new post as you have done here.

Have a look at the other Pinned Posts and see what else you'd like to join. The Daily Diary is a great place for sharing your meal plans and picking up ideas for recipes and ingredients.

To make the most of the forum, read and reply to posts, ask questions and encourage others - it will all pay off for you :)


Your position is very similar to that of many of us "more mature" ladies. If you click on peoples profile names you will see that many of us found ourselves unhappily overweight in our 50s.

Just take a little time to look around the site, using the links that BridgeGirl has given you. You will find lots of handy tips in how to tackle (and stick to) a new healthy eating plan. It's not a quick fix, we've all had to learn new habits for life , but it can be done. Well done for taking this first step.

Hi and welcome Oscarsarus

The weekly weigh in is really a great way to keep you on track especially with the support of everyone on here.

I started just before Christmas and so glad I did as I am in my 60's and was finding it so hard to lose the weight. I now feel I have things back under control and am looking forward to fitting back into my clothes for the summer.

Good luck in your journey


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