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New guy on the block


I'm new on here. Looking to lose the weight I gained since March. I had lost with the help of my provider but she left for a new clinic. Need to lose at least 30 lbs. Be patient with me as I learn how to navigate thru this.

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Don’t worry about how long it takes you to navigate this system. One of the administrators will be along shortly to officially welcome you and guide you the Newbie section which helps guide people through the HU website so you get the best from it. You will find people use different ways to loose weight- calorie counting, portion control, various variations of 5:2 diets and low carb high fat (LCHF) to name a few. All are valid- it’s find what works for you that fits in with your life style and is something you can stick with. Since when you get to your target weight if you go back to what you were doing before you decided to loose weight you will eventually get back to starting weight. You will need to follow the diet for life though less restrictive

Tiggerr10 kg

Welcome Sunlife :)

No rush to do anything, though persistence is going to be a good trait to have. Being active here and using the forum regularly has helped many, including myself.

Good luck!

Good luck Sunlife you have come to the right place and will have lots of good advice and support here

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