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NHS 12 week weight loss programme

Trattobay2021 January

Starting the1 week NHS weight loss programme. Ideally to loose 14 lbs (1 stone) in 12 weeks.

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Hello and welcome Trattobay and welcome to the Weight Loss forum :)

Here is the link to all of the information you will need to navigate the forum, which is best achieved by using the full web site not the app. Please take the time to read the Welcome newbie post,


You will see that we have a lot of Events, Clubs and Challenges for you to take part in and recommend that you at least join a Weigh In day of your choice and the Daily Diary.

If you haven’t already taken it, here is a link to a tour of the forum,


Participation is key to success, we all benefit from encouragement and support. By joining in you will build friendships with like minded people and find plenty of inspiration along the way :)

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey :)

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Well done for making a start ! Would you like to join us on our weigh in? Here's the link, I hope to see you there! :-) x


Muncher4442020 December

The very best of luck , keep motivated -before you know it we will be saying it’s Easter!! And you will be a lot lighter .

Trattobay2021 January

Many thanks for your words of support. One week at a time.


Hello and welcome. I did the 12 week NHS diet and really enjoyed as didn't feel it was a diet. I didn't realize I could eat such meals and still lose weight. I did weigh everything and follow each menu although you can replace some things if you don't like certain things. What I found is it was all about portion size. I replaced my normal plates with smaller ones. I always felt full after each meal. There is a wide menu to choose from. I have reached my target weight now and feel great. I still use some of the menus as I enjoy them. There is a lot of support on this site and I wish you all the best.

Trattobay2021 January in reply to Carer53

Many thanks for the encouragement. This seems to be an annual ritual for me and I know that it is snacking that lets me down. Hopefully, I can get through the next 12 weeks but I do seem to get stuck at a weight for a few weeks and find it difficult to break through the barrier. Let's see how it goes in 2021, it will be easier when the UK lockdown is ended.


Yes snacking is hard to control. I find not having temptation in the house helps but it depends on your circumstances. My husband is also on the same eating plan and no children in the house so easy not to be tempted with sugary treats. I reach for fruit or even just make a cup of tea until the craving stops. Of course treats are aloud you just have to count them in your plan. Everyone is different and you will find what works for you. The best thing is not to beat yourself up if you go off track and just start again. We all have our ups and downs. That's where this forum comes in. There will always be someone on here feeling as you do.

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