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rileyyNew teen

I haven't written here in a long time, so I am going to update you on how my weight loss journey is going. In November-December I didn’t really worked out at all. I only exercised a few times. My mental health was pretty bad. I lay in my bed doing nothing and I barely eat anything. My mental health is still pretty bad, but is going in a better direction. I haven’t worked out this year yet, but I've done daily walks and went hiking a couple of times and I've really enjoyed these. I am still really bad at eating. I have been eating only 1-3 times a day and it is really bad. I am aware that the little eating and exercise will not get you to lose weight, so I would like to start eating more, but it is really hard for me since I don’t really enjoy food and I don’t really enjoy eating.

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Binky681st 7lbs

If you don’t really like eating why do you need to lose weight. Sounds more like you’re depressed; excaercise will make you feel better as will getting up early and walking for an hour xx

Help-me-maintain2021 January

Take one day at a time. Small manageable steps each day in the right direction.


Good morning riley,

I am sorry to hear that you are still struggling with mental health issues. We are not medically trained here, but I am worried that you are suffering with depression and I would encourage you to speak to your Doctor about this, there is help out there. Do you live at home? Is there somebody who would support you and take you to the Doctors, if you feel nervous about going down this route?

It is great to see that you have been going out for walks and hikes, getting outside and having some exercise can really help our mental state, try and keep this up. Don't worry that you are not doing 'work outs', walking is a great exercise on its own. I think you should have another read of this, I know moreless has already given it to you



As for your food intake, eating 1 to 3 times a day is fine, as long as you are eating enough good food and not just living on 'junk', but you know that. Maybe this would help you to plan some healthy meals


You might find it helpful to keep on track with your food and the choices you make, if you interacted here more. Why not join in with the Daily Diary. You will see what others are eating and it might just trigger some new and fresh ideas for you to try.

I am wishing you all the best and very much hoping that you will contact your Doctor :)

rileyyNew teen in reply to lucigret

thank you for advices. I don’t really eat junk food. I usually eat healty home food but I eat pretty small portions and really rarely that is a problem. And yes I have people to chat with. My mental health has gone bad since school started. I have talked about it to my student counselor and she has helped a lot. We are trying to come up with ways to make it easier for me to go to school and we are starting to implement these ideas.

lucigretAdministrator in reply to rileyy

That all sounds very positive 😊

Mitzy2002020 November

Hi rileyy I am sorry that you feel so down. I wonder if there is a health professional that you could discuss your feelings with? Having said that, its good that you have reached out to the forum. The way we feel affects our behaviour in so many ways, from not eating enough, to overeating, not moving our body enough to over exertion. And if they cause you concern, then that is valid. Personally I know when I am feeling down because I stop eating too.

You say that your MH is going in a better direction. That is a good thing. As the others have said take one step at a time and, if you feel you need to, check in with your GP.

rileyyNew teen in reply to Mitzy200

My mental healt has got better since I have started to talk about it more. Biggest reason for it going down is that I have strugglet in school a lot. I have talked to my school counselor about this and we are trying to come up with ways to make it easier for me to go to school and we are starting to implement these ideas.

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