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How hard can maintaining be ??

Help-me-maintain2021 January

Got to target with SW week before Xmas, but that only half the story, need to keep it off!! Looking forward to finding help and ideas from this support site.

Here’s to 2021

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Hi Help-me-maintain & welcome to this amazing forum. I suggest you spend some time clicking about to find your way around. It's easier if you have a lap-top as there are several threads. If you’re using another device I strongly suggest that you use the web page as opposed to the app at least until you know your way around.

Have a good read of the pinned post “Welcome Newbies” and follow every thread.

Here’s the link to the pinned posts,

Here’s the link for the “Tour” of the forum. If you haven’t already taken it.

I strongly suggest you read and contribute to the Daily Diary and participate in a Weekly Weigh in.

There's also a "Maintainer's Club" which is hosted monthly where you can share ideas.

You will find there's loads of tips about better eating, from other members. Sharing your daily menu not only helps you stay committed, it can help other members too.

Good luck I hope to "see " you around.

Help-me-maintain2021 January in reply to TheTabbyCat

Thank you

TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Help-me-maintain

You're welcome :)


Hi there Help-me-maintain, first of all, well done on getting to target! 👍 I am a maintaining SW too 🙂 are you still attending group? as that can be helpful too. I agree with TheTabbyCat, check out the Daily Diary and maintainers group. As a maintainer with SW, I stay on plan and follow route B. Which route are you on? My advice would be to decide on your extra healthy extra/s each day as these will help keep you full.

Help-me-maintain2021 January in reply to Bee-bop

Thank you, I’m just finding my way around this site. Yes I’m still with SW but found since Xmas and virtual meeting it wasn’t particularly helpful with the maintaining side, I hope if/when we’re back In class it might help. But until then I need a plan. Hopefully this will keep me on the straight and narrow

Bee-bopMaintainer in reply to Help-me-maintain

Have you got the slim for life book? I was given that and it really helped

Help-me-maintain2021 January in reply to Bee-bop

Hi, no I have had nothing. I didn’t know there was a book. I’m going to message my consultant and see what she says. Thank you

Bee-bopMaintainer in reply to Help-me-maintain

No worries, it will definitely help with maintaining 👍


Welcome to the world of maintenance. There are quite a few maintainers using this forum. Some of us long term and some who are brand new to maintenance like you.

To answer your question "how hard can it be?" Well, as many have proved, it is certainly do-able but not without hurdles along the way. If you'd like to read about others' experiences, then have a look in the Topics section -Maintaining ( link below)

Help-me-maintain2021 January in reply to elliebath

Thank you so much

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Help-me-maintain

Hope you find them useful, and do feel free to join in with the latest Maintainers Club post for January 2021..


My two cents is that the ONLY thing that worked to maintain my weight was exactly the eating pattern I followed to get there. Every time I tried differently I started to gain.

It's the reason, imo, they say "don't diet". Pick a lifestyle you can live with. Because, (again imo) you'll have to!

Help-me-maintain2021 January in reply to amykp

I fear that you are right. I think I’ll have to try trial and error, see how we go. Thank you

slipstick1st 7lbs

After I lost 3 stone with SW I maintained my weight by carrying on eating the SW way but relaxing the rules A LITTLE. I didn't bother with meetings because I'd already learned how to eat and, being fairly technically minded, I was able to work the scales myself. Worked for me for several years, I put no weight back on. I'm here now because I decided it was time to aim for a new lower target weight and I find the support here at least as good as a SW meeting (though I guess the quality of those must be variable).

Help-me-maintain2021 January in reply to slipstick

Thank you and very well done. I think I will carry on with SW for now, I quite like weighing at home and sending through and virtual meetings, much shorter meetings. This has made me less reliant on the meetings, so perhaps I’m already dealing with it better than I think.

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Hi, you'll probably find our Daily Diary useful, here's the link, I hope to see you there! :-) x

Help-me-maintain2021 January in reply to Lytham

Thank you so much...I’ll have a look

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs in reply to Help-me-maintain

Smashing, just reply to me there with your menu for tomorrow! :-) x

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