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Breastfeeding mom weight loss

NafeNursing Mum 2020

I'm breastfeeding mom. Please guide me how can I loss my weight. I'm worried about my weight 😔

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Hello and welcome, Nafe, and many congratulations on your baby :)

I don't want to minimise your concern about your weight but I'm hoping you will concentrate on eating well while you're breastfeeding, rather than on your weight. In fact, I realise that's a daft thing to say as eating well is the best route for all of us; dieting certainly isn't the route to health and sustained weight loss.

Here's a straightforward plan that you may be able to adapt to your tastes Please don't think about being restrictive. If you can build your meals around veg plus protein of your choice, include healthy fats, cut out processed products, eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full, that should be a good foundation.

You'll find all the information you need by following this link to Pinned Posts. A good place to start would be joining a weigh in team - maybe weigh yourself in the morning and join the Sunday Super Slimmers - and by using the Daily Diary, where members share their meal plans.

If you haven't already you can take a tour of the forum here

Active participation really pays off so do some exploring, read posts, chat and encourage others - it will all pay off for you :)

Having been there recently: you can totally lose weight while breastfeeding, safely. In fact you have the advantage with a 500 calory deficit by design! However you should add those 500 to the calorie minimum recommended by the NHS - your body needs it.

I feel the biggest challenge lies elsewhere while breastfeeding: sleep deprivation is a recognised form of torture, and perpetual exhaustion leads us to reach for high density food - sugar, chocolate, cake if you’re anything like me. Exercise time is also at a premium, and frankly, I’d rather have had a lie down than have to go do something even more exhausting. If that is the case for you too, be gentle with yourself. Restricting food ambitiously right now will likely just contribute to you feeling like you’re failing, rather than enjoying the time you have with your young family. Bring mindful of it, sure. But I’d leave the major diet for a few months if it all seems like a lot of work just now.

SmallerPortions2020 October

In support of Smartoak - and never a mother - there are competing demands here.

Your body is in its current form to actively support the early growth and nutrition of a new human. Taking that into account, your diet needs to reflect that life-building activity.

Have you taken advice from healthcare professionals about resolving these competing demands and following it?

I would also defer compiling a diet that has a focus of weight loss. Content and portion size are important. Activity too.

As an aside, I can recommend the NHS diet app - just define your goals to meet the needs of early motherhood and follow the intake dimensions defined by your advisors. I used it to up my fibre and fluids intake and redefine portion size (see my alias). No scales, but the occasional wielding of a tape measure indicated I was going in the right direction. Weight loss was the indirect dividend, but more importantly, my diet is healthier and established over 12 weeks. The app can be reset to continue the good work.

Cudd1yGran2020 November

When i breasfed my children the weight came off easily without trying just by eating normally. Enjoy your baby.

I hope you find the right balance. I didn't diet whilst breastfeeding and Iost the weight gradually. I was finding that I was walking several miles each day though, pushing a buggy, which probably made the difference! Good luck 👍

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