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Returning to the fold tomorrow !

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After a long spell of being fed up and laziness. I’ve made my mind up that with the looming lockdown on Thursday I really need to get a grip!

I’m going to weigh myself in the morning and write it down. Then I’m going to write down everything I put into my mouth!

Also try to do a little exercise (as have a painful knee).

Most of all I need to keep positive!

6 Replies
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Lytham3 stone

Hiya hun, good to see you again, welcome back to the fold!

I expect to see you joining The Autumn Challenge too! :-) x

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Great to have you back Weakwillednomore , as there have been a few changes since you were here last I suggest that you spend some time clicking about the forum until you can find your way around again. Remember it's easier if you use the webpage as opposed to the App.

The pinned posts is a good place to start ,you'll find the Daily Diary and the Daily Weigh Ins.

We also have a Drinkless Club, I seem to remember that you enjoy your wine as much as I do!

I see Lytham's getting you involved with the Autumn Challenge, I'm sure that it will soon be as though you'd never left.

As always, if you can't find anything, just shout. There's always someone here.

Hi there! 👋 sounds like a plan! Good luck! 🍀You've got this! 💪

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Great decision.only set achievable goals and maybe a staggered intro instead of everything together .I have awful knees so the sooner you can get some weight off the still trying.yes try and keep positive for sure.wishing you well

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I have not stopped trying to lose weight, but thanks to a painful knee, all our sports events closing down. We were very active short mat bowling twice a week and table tennis. All these have stopped and it might be that or I am not really trying. To be honest I think why bother, then I see I have gained even though I am being good. I will continue to try, I am getting low cal. recipes off of the net. I will continue to walk as far as I can with a walking stick. If I start going down instead of up that would be good.

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I started again 3 weeks ago and returned here today myself. Knees are such a nuisance but I believe that with the right exercise to strengthen the muscles and losing weight to reduce the pressure can only be a good thing for us both. Positive thoughts being sent your way. Good luck on your journey.

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