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How do I find my previous posts?

WindcharmerRestart October 2020

Just wondering if there is an easy way to locate one's previous posts to see if they have any replies? I found it by scrolling through loads but is there a short cut at all?

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Sarah-Phim3 stone

Look on your profile, you can select posts or replies to see where you have written stuff. But it notifies you if someone replies with the little bell at the top. 😀


If you click on your name, in your post, that takes you to your Profile where you can find all your posts and replies :) But, as Sarah-Phim says, you will receive notifications via the little bell at the top of your screen when anyone replies to you, or makes any reply on a post you've created.

WindcharmerRestart October 2020

Thank you - works well - obvious really duh!