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Health and Fitness and a New Doctor

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Am I over weight? The answer is brutal, MORBIDLY OBESE. I knew I was fat but my mind said one thing and I had not stepped on the scales for years. Having just moved into a new area the scales were placed on the floor and just left there.

A call from my new Doctor invited me to the surgery for a quick check up for a 72 year old who has just not grown up. Blood pressure is a bit high but that could be down to being over weight. I stepped on the scales and heard them groan. 174.5 kilos! That is around 27 stone.

The practise nurse was very diplomatic, but really straight to the point. "Only one way to go to get the pressure down to a normal level!" He said. I was given a card to take with me, and I had a doctors appointment for the next day. The doctor asked me why I was there and I mention that the nurse seemed to be a bit concerned about my weight.

"Loose weight. Read that card and join the programme. Eat less and I will see you when you are unwell." he said. not the actual word, but something like it. I made the call and joined up. It has been one week now and Having five meals a day is quite different.

The 174.5 Kg has turned into 169 Kg in just seven days. How clever is that book and food diary. I cant walk very far but writing up the diary must have been exercise enough to do the trick. I really can eat the things I like without needing an excuse for porridge and red grapefruit and Chinese lettuce.

Now on week two I and going to have to find out what a pile of grams looks like and get myself a table spoon. How glad I am that I moved into Essex to get a decent doctor.

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Hello and welcome, well you are certainly off to a good start, well done and keep it up !!

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Hi and welcome, a new doctor can make such a difference. 2 GP's have in the past said you could do with losing a bit of weight but on seeing a new GP at the practice about something he challenged me to lose 30kg.....I walked out of the surgery thinking he's got the measure of me and he'd only met me twice before both at times unrelated to my health! Good luck with your journey.

Well done confused and hungry I to had a shock when I got on the scales and as 5 ft my weight puts me in the morbidly obese section the main thing is your losing and doing something about it keep going you are doing great 😀

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Well done, that is a massive loss for one week. It was such a shock when I was told I was obese: it sounds so dramatic but congratulations for taking it seriously and taking action

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