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New me


Hi. I am very new to this and writing about my journey may be difficult but I will persevere.

I am undergoing tests for RA and know that in order to help myself I need to loose a substantial amount of weight. But motivation is at an all time low as I have an ankle problem that needs a fusion procedure and am waiting for an operation on my shoulder.

Only I can do this but knowing that there's support here will encourage me no end.

Thank you x

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Hi and welcome, Deaton :)

Oh dear, you have a lot ahead of you, but there's plenty you can do in the interim. You may want to research anti-inflammatory ways of eating, to help with possible RA? This will involve removing sugar and processed foods from the menu and sticking to fresh, home made meals. Our Daily Diary may be useful to you

It's not necessary for you to blog about yourself. If you join our events, clubs and challenges, you can enter into 'conversation' with others, for mutual support and encouragement :)

To make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link

Please take the time to read it carefully, so that you're able to enjoy everything that we have on offer.

We ask that you also read this important information about internet privacy and security, especially as you've left your post unlocked.

Wishing you all the best :)


Hi, I hope that the ops go well, and that the outcome of your tests shows something that can be treated.

I guess from this that your mobility is limited?

If so you might be interested in going low carb as well as trying to cut out added sugar.

I was reluctant at first as I hated the old Atkins diet when I tried it years ago, and I've yoyoed up and down on calorie counting and low fat diets before. But I'm now on a low carb programme that empathises vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as protein and fats. I started at the end of May and have lost nearly 2.5 st so far. Which amazed me as I don't exercise (in fact i spend a lot of time resting).

The diet is designed to help people with diabetes reduce blood sugar, but is good for anyone looking to lose weight and get healthy. It's not a keto or 'fad' diet and the research behind this overturns the 'eatwell plate'.

Have a look at the lowcarbprogram

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