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New diagnosis cough variant / nocturnal asthma



I had a cough all year .rhinitis & sinusitis ,created with antibiotics . Now been give a blue& brown inhalers to trial . I have a terrible cough and CANnot sleep at night . I'm exhausted, I'm on 2 pillows etc . My chest & back aches from the cough . Any advice ? I just can't go to work on no sleep , it's very frustrating

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Hello Baloonyloon, did you mean to post this on the Weight Loss Forum? There is an Asthma forum where you may receive better advice

Best wishes

Indigo 👏

Sounds like an allergy to me. Change your washing powder, chuck out any scented air fresheners, use non scented deodorants, don’t use feather pillows, avoid floral scents in the bedroom.....look at your diet in case the trigger is something you are eating ? Good luck....

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