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How to lose weight


Hello I am looking for advice on how to lose weight I am a fussy eater and don’t eat a lot of vegetables or salads. My weight is 11 stone and my height is 5’3. I am looking into losing just over a stone if not more before the start of August as I am going away on holiday and I want to look my best in my bikini. What is a easy way to lose weight? X

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Great to have you join us Max2001ine

Welcome and enjoy the forum...

Healthy eating and being aware of what suits you best is a long term commitment but one that is well worth the investment of time and effort. Many find the 12 week plan both enjoyable, beneficial and educational..

Please check with your health professional regarding your actions to lose weight and get their support locally to compliment this wonderful forum...

I'd like to invite you to read our Newbie Pack - which is what I call the sat-nav to the benefits of the forum, here's the link:

Please also read this about the importance of locking your posts:

Cheering you on to reach your goals 🎉🎉🎉

As Minnie has already mentioned, start by reading the 12 week plan and it will explain the ethos behind living healthily.... something you can carry with you always.

I'm not sure what you mean by easy. If you mean quick then that this is the road that most often leads to yo yo dieting.

Logging on here regularly and reading the posts and replies is also a good way of getting an understanding of how people are making it work.

Good luck!

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