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Can someone tell me how much a personal trainer is on average and how much time I’d need to spend with one, weekly or monthly.. is it worth the money! I’ve tried and tried and feels like I’m getting nowhere! I always ask what foods to eat and I know nothing about nutrition, all I ever get is ‘stay away from carbs, bread, sugar and pasta’ I don’t know what to eat, I don’t know what dishes to prepare or what to eat I need some real advice or if anyone is willing to be kind enough I need a 7 day meal plan made for myself! 😓

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Hi Jack99 I can't tell you the cost, but sometimes joining a gym on a trial basis gives you a taste of a PT and meal plans which will give you an idea for your area both of costs and what services they offer. Might be worth looking into, if there are a few gyms maybe try them all one after the other?

Hi, try the NHS 12 week plan. I had a trainer for a while, £30 an hour but if you don't eat the right stuff doing an hour of exercise won't help.

Hello, I’m at a gym, ‘Anytime Fitness’ although I’ve been there 2 months and seen minor results, I think the atmosphere is incredible, I was prioritising gym and going almost everyday for the 1st month, I’ve since then slacked and become unmotivated kind of, I work so much and end up being so tired however, if I had a personal trainer I feel as if it would get me into gear and allow me to feel confident and better about myself, I just need a heads up for what to expect when I start with one. Thank you for the help, it’s really appreciated! 😅💪🏼

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Hello Jack

I think PT s vary tremendously as to how knowledgeable they are. Some have a proper degree, some have just a short course of training. I have known PYs who give wrong nutritional advice and are not up to date. The cost is between £30 to £50 per hour

My view is you are better reading and owning books which give you detailed tasty calorie counted menus and give you clear and accurate information about the nutritional value of food and the good or harm they do your body

I highly recommend the 8 week blood sugar diet which includes recipes and the illustrated 8 week Blood sugar diet recipe book and the Fast diet , All can be bought reasonably on Amazon and will cost you no more than about £20 the lot

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It certainly depends on who you have. I decided to try one because I tend to put my back out easily and knew I needed to exercise as well as change my eating habits. He costs £35 session and I lost 2 stone in 2 months which I've kept off for a year. The great thing is how it changes your shape as you tone up so I feel the best about myself in 25 years and I'm 55. If you are determined to change to a healthy lifestyle by eating properly then it's absolutely worth it to have someone encouraging you in the gym and tailoring programmes just for you. I would never push myself as hard as he does , from reading about exercises so I guess it depends on your temperament too. It's been worth every penny for me and I feel a different person. Good luck with what you decide 😊

Mine is £100 per month. 1 session per week. He really pushes me out if my comfort zone. We focus on weights mainly as I run 3 times a week as well as spin and body pump.

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