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reasons to be cheerful

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dawnz3 stone

I must admit I like Mondays, its a very forgiving day of the week after the seven previous ups and downs and so so's. I am happy that I have dropped my weight from 14st to 13st 6 over the last month. The support I received when I signed up a few weeks ago has helped me get over the inability to excsersise and focus what I can control- what I eat. I am going to Brompton Hopsital next week for cardio checks and know the docs will be pleased, so big thank you and happy week guys

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What a fantastically positive post, Dawn, it definitely deserves a new badge! :)

Keep up the great work and good luck at your hospital appointment tomorrow :)

Well done on losing 7 lbs over the month. That is a fantastic achievement and I agree with you - the docs will be very happy with your progres :)

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Good news!!! You have done well.

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