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Sorry for my missing a few weeks

Bigkev6682 stone

hi everyone sorry I have been posted missing but with holidays work and busy weekends here we are again. my 12 weeks is officially over but my programme is not .. still on track.

Started 23st 9lb now 20st 13lb so very chuffed

My wife has also kept going and has lost 9lbs so I am very proud of her too.

everyone keep going even when its difficult keep reading other inspiring stories and keep encouraging each other and I will continue to post my progress. thanks for all the support THIS IS AN AMAZING FORUM xx

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Woohoo, Kev!! It won't be long before we're changing your badge to a 3 stone one! Well done you and well done to your wife too! You should be very proud of each other! :)

My pom poms are waving for your terrific loss and for breaking through into the 20's! :)

Keep up the great work and keep on posting. It gives us all a boost to see how well you're doing :)

Bigkev6682 stone in reply to moreless

thank YOU GUYS your encouragement keeps US ALL going xx

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