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Body Weight Planner from NIH


Hi Everyone,

I had been reading something on WebMD, on some weight loss tips and came across an article called mysteries of weight loss.

You can have a read for yourself if you wish:

I know it is the American version, but I did find it quite informative - as I'm watching weight with my SO, the men v women part made me feel better X)

I also came across the Body Weight Planner, which, I guess is very similar to the NHS BMI. But, what I liked more about this, was you can input a goal weight and date and the % you're planning on increasing your activity and it will give you calories you'll need on a daily basis to maintain current weight, lose weight and to maintain your goal weight once you've reached it. - if you want to have a go yourself.

Just thought I'd share, I found it an interesting read and the calculator quite useful on what I need to achieve my goal.

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