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xmas is over!


Here we are starting the new year with a few unwanted pounds from the festivities. I've had quite a positive n motivated start and although the healthy eating diet is causing me some problems with some health issues I have I'm finding a way around and alternatives to help me continue to lose weight. I started my life changing plan in September last year and my weight loss isn't lots but I'm very proud that I am losing weight weekly. Total is 26 llbs in all although there have been weeks when I've gained n then drop off that weight again. I hope my self belief that I can do this and maintain this life changing journey that I'm on will give me the rewards I'm hoping for. Starting swimming next week to help boost my activities, not worn bathers in public in like forever. Good luck to you all in 2016! New us!

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Welcome juzlyn, great work on the pounds lost so far, I hope I will be able to say the same soon. Good Luck Swimming :)

June1965Restart Feb 2020

Well done & good luck ☺️😁

You've done so well, 26lbs since September is a really good achievement whatever you're doing is working well for you so keep it up.

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