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Fresh start for the new year


What a difference a year can make. I started 2015 feeling utterly miserable and stuck in a rut with my weight, weighing in after Christmas at the biggest I've ever been - 13 stone 4. I spent new year's day googling around for quick fixes and fad diets and I stumbled across the NHS plan. I've never stuck with any diet before but I joined the forum and made a start.

Now at the start of 2016 I weigh 11 stone 7 (5 pounds heavier than my lightest, but most of that can be put down to overeating at Christmas) and I feel like a completely different person! I am determined to continue to make positive changes this year and hope to get down to my goal weight of 9 stone (or at least under 10 stone so that I have a healthy BMI). I have a number of fitness goals as well

To everyone who has just started the NHS plan this year or is planning to start, let this be the one new year's resolution that sticks. This time next year the results will be worth it.

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Congratulations Rachel

You have done so well, a really successful year. I'm also a huge fan of NHS 12 week plan. Keep up the good work I've no doubt you'll reach you're 9st goal.

Best wishes for another successful year.

Thanks Rachel1991. I only came across this site by chance and it is very inspiring, as is your story. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the beginning of October and it gave me the push I needed to get my eating on track. I had asked the doctor if they could recommend a diet and surprisingly they didn't mention this site or diet at all! In the meantime I have been pretty much following it on already without knowing about it and have dropped from a dress size 22 to 18. I am determined to keep going as I am really enjoying the results and diet, I actually enjoy my food much more than I did before! Thanks again for your post I love reading success stories! :)

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