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OH Nooo


iv just worked out that if I have say 10 xuos if coffee a day.... which I reckon I easily do with2 sugars which is roughly 20 cal a spoon I'm having 400 silent cal that I havnt been counting , so all that watching what I'm eating PLUS all the drinks I'm having is too much hence prob why I wondering why I don't seem to b shifting any weight ...:'( oh well start again tomorrow counting everything that goes in my mouth . I just watched secret eaters I an a secret eater too

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Hi magsi,

Whilst I don't think Secret Eaters is exactly the greatest piece of television around - I always think it could be 30 minutes long and still cover everything - I do admit that the simple fact is that almost every person who completes a food diary, leaves out some things and some people leave out lots and lots.

And knowing and facing up to how you gained the weight - i.e. what 'bad' habits made you overweight - IS the key to making the changes you need to in order to get control of your eating and back down to an appropriate weight.

It is soooo easy to believe you're eating healthily and reasonably and then suddenly realise that you're not quite as good about it as you probably need to be to shift those extra lbs.

I know it's a bit of a variant on the 12 week plan, but I don't strictly calorie count, but I do weigh myself every morning first thing. And that helps me to see if what I'm doing is working or if it needs fine turning a bit. (I know many people that would be horrified at the idea of weighing daily, but it works for me!)

And, I'm afraid, you do need to be brutally honest about what you're really eating and that includes the gravies, toppings, sauces, custards, etc., etc. A healthy moderate pasta dish can easily become a complete calorie-fest, through sticking loads of cheese on the top of it, for just one example.

I must admit I have watched a few of those Secret Eaters on 4OD too.


I think that series has gone on long enough, personally. The joke's wearing a bit thin that people don't realise that they're eating two or three times what they are aware of? How about if they gave them a portion tick sheet, so they can tick off what they have from each food group as they go?

Of course, if you eat real food instead of processed garbage you don't tend to overeat.

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Hi Concerned,

I don't see that there is any 'joke' there.

That people are overweight intentionally, or unintentionally, or indeed out of rank stupidity, or just plain denial, makes no difference to the health risks involved in being substantially overweight - nor to the potential consequences for those individuals or for their families.

It's like alcoholism, you don't go forward with dealing with the problem until you recognise that you actually do need to. You need to reach some point of realisation - however it is for you that you get there.

I can thank the Hairy Dieters for that - the repeats over the Christmas and New Year period - and I'm now over 21 kgs lighter than when I started in January.

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