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6 week gym review


Having had surgery last April on a ruptured Achilies Tendon, I joined my local gym 6 weeks ago. They started me off very slowly only doing 5 mins on the treadmill 5 mins on the cycle and 3mins on the arm machone 3 times a week, now I'm doing 30mins on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the cycle and 10mins on the arm machine, today was my first six week review. I'm please to announce that I've lost 5lbs in weight and 8 inches of my waist. My next review is on 11.6.13

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Calls for some new trousers then! Well done

Hi Prin,

No I won't be buying new trousers I have plenty in my wardrobe from sizes 10 to 8, that I haven't been able to wear. Last winter I could no longer fit into any of my trousers, I was so angry with myself for having put on so much weight that I only bought one pair of size 12s. (Some days I've had to stay in just so I could wash and dry them). This was the kick start that I needed. I can't wait until I can throw them in the bin.

Prin in reply to legs2013

Lol! Haven't been size 12 since I was a teenager!


Hi legs2013,

Make sure you keep some photos of you in those size 12s to help motivate you if your weight starts slipping upwards after the end of your journey on the weight loss bus.

I have some of my former self ("my old fat friend") on my computer...lest I forget!

Well done!

I guess the waist thing therefore was part body fat (weight loss) and part about toning up the muscles to hold it better.

Controlling the food intake and upping the activity/exercise is a cracking combination.

Good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey.

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