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diary day 1


woke up at 2.30 am (boyfriend snoring), went on Facebook and ate half a bag of cheesy savouries - about 1000 calories, napped for a few hours on sofa. now its 7.40am and i so want to raid the cupboard again. i know i have pringles, jellybabies, choc digestives, ingredients to make cakes and biscuits and i want them. i don't need them, i'm not hungry but i know they are there and its all i can think about. i should go for a walk but i'm thinking, nah its a little early- maybe chilly- wierdos could be about-i'd have to disturb bf to get clothes out of bedroom. really tho, i'm just being lazy aren't i? putting a game on the telly sounds far more appealing.

according to bmi i need to loose 2 stone

300 cal brekkie

400 cal lunch

600 cal dinner

100 cal snack

1400 cal a day

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I am just the same I woke at 1.30am walked down stairs just for a drink and ate not one but 2 flakes. I too need to loose about 2 stone so today my diet starts. Xx


Hi mbiatnadb,


It's sometimes called "mindless munching", in front of the computer / laptop / tv / cinema screen.

You actually, in psychological terms, "eat" with your eyes. So, if you distract your attention from what you're eating, by means of doing other things, answering the emails, blogging, or catching up with EastEnders, then you'll not mentally register what you're eating and you'll mindlessly munch.

Morale of the tale: set aside time to eat your meals and give time and attention to them - try to avoid "eating on the go", because you'll often not register it and so the body's 'satiation response' (I've eaten enough) either doesn't happen, or doesn't get noticed.

Much better to break off from the laptop and "go and have something to eat" and then return to the blogging afterwards.

Honest - it's an eating habit well worth trying to change. It's why "tv dinners" are such a bad idea for weight control too. (And, yes, it's why you eat too much popcorn or whatever when you go to the cinema - to the joy of the cinema management!).

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Thanks for that. X

great tip doikisp, I never knew this bout eating in front of pc etc although we eat our meals at home at the table, if im really busy in work i sometimes lunch at my desk and on reflection these are days when i dont feel as full as i normally do when i do my half a mile hike to the canteen

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