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for the past 3 days i have has a cough feel cold and shivery and my legs feel very heavy and i have tingeling in my hands and arms feel tired my doctor came to see me and she said it could be a virus but to let her know how i was in a few days the medical conditions that i have are fibromyalgia perifual neuropathy calcafied tendonitus and bursitus osteoarthritus osteophorisis vertigo eating phobia overactive bladder overactive thyroid cataracts on both eyes tennis elbow copd costochondritis and a needle phobia , i use a wheelchair to get around i feel very tired light headed any ideas please is this just a virus or something worse

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Hi Mason

I don't think there is actually any Admin running this forum. I have noticed a past lack of reply.

If this were me then I would make sure to phone the GP this afternoon or first thing in the morning. As I think I would want to have a course of antibiotics and not be left without over the weekend.

I favour Doxycyclin because they are only one a day, after the initial 2 on first day.

I find Amoxicilin no use on their own. Only in Co-Amoxiclave.

So which day did the doctor call?

Meanwhile - take plenty of fluids. Water, I found hot Vimto helped when I didn't feel like tea. Usually drink weak, decaf tea with semi-skimmed milk. But plenty of your favourite soft drinks (squash) & tea - if you don't like plain water.

The steam from the hot drinks I find helps too.

I don't recommend the Lemsips as we can't take them due to ingredients. But you can make your own with fresh lemon or jiffy lemon juice add sugar & /or honey and heat in.water. But Vimto does it for me

. Hope you feel better soon.


Why don't you put a post on some other forums - COPD or British Lung Foundation (mention above symptoms and also lung conditions). Also Thyroid forum?




hello thank you i have spoken to 3 people on anouther site and they have similar it sounds like sensory neuropathy i will phone my doctor tomorrow,thank you .