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Sister troubled with socila anxiety disorder


I'm researching on medical marijuana for my sister. Studies have shown that medical marijuana helps to improve muscle stiffness, reduce body pain, reduce stress, increase the quality of sleep etc. Doctors prescribe medical marijuana for people who are troubled with PTSD, lower back pain, arthritis, migraines, anxiety, sleep disorder, nerve damage etc. My sister is troubled with social anxiety disorder. Last week she had a presentation in her college. She was showing excessive fear during the presentation. She was too nervous and as a result, she couldn't perform properly. She lost her marks and now she is thinking about the possibilities to overcome it. I have read about medical marijuana which gives a solution to her problem. She hasn't even smoked tobacco before. This whole thing will be a new experience for her. I have taken an appointment for her in a medical cannabis clinic in Ontario ( apollocannabis.ca/ ). What are the possible methods to intake medical marijuana?