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Weight Loss?

Right, so I was weighed at my GP and another Dr's appointment and I had lost 0.7kg in two weeks. I was weighed again yesterday, as well as the other week again at my GPs but I have only lost 0.3kg in two weeks. I don't understand because I have been eating less on average than the previous two weeks? My Dr thought it was odd and asked if I had been eating more but i couldn't remember exactly so I just said i'd been eating about the same. I feel like such a failure. Does anyone have a solution for this or suggestion as to why it may be?

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Best discuss this on the weight loss forum. Your weight will fluctuate from day to day, but an ongoing steady loss is reassuringif you are trying to lose weight.

I note you were previously worried about anorexia. Are you over or underweight?

What is your current BMI?

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Doctors think i'm underweight. My BMI is 16.8