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I'm new here

Hi everyone,

I have been advised by my GP to contact my local MIND center for counselling, but my confidence seems to escape from me whenever I pass the center (which is walking distance from where myself and my fiance live). I know that I need to go for counselling, but my confidence goes whenever I am near the center.

How do I build up my confidence and courage so that I can go into the center instead of just walking past?

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Dont think about it it Just do it or go along with your fiance or a friend.

You say you've wanted this referral for some time now.

Try and you will succeed


ty hun. I will try after Christmas as myself and my fiance are really busy packing at the moment as we need to move into our new flat asap xx


Sounds like you are avoiding it still. Surely you can fit in a few minutes to make the appointment?


I'm not as I'm not a very confident person and myself and my fiance are packing to move.