I feel really odd

I feel really strange. My arms and legs really ache and I wake up very bloated and become more bloated throughout the day. Usually I wake up 'flat' if you like, and then bloat a little but my bloating is extreme and i'm waking up like i've just eaten breakfast. I feel a bit like i'm on my period/PMS but I got off my period about a week or two ago. I feel really sick and it's making me have very low esteem because my bloat/ache is uncomfortable and I look bigger. I don't know what to do. I'm also very restless and can't sleep.

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  • Have you seen a doctor about it?

  • No

  • As mentioned before irritable bowel is a likely cause. Have you tried the FODMAP diet?

    Also if persistent, you should probably see your doctor, but try the diet first

  • No I have

  • Haven't ^

  • See the doctor first, it's the most important thing to do.

  • 2 more posts about other symptoms since this one and I believe you may be still of school age. How old are you??

  • 15, why?

  • You are supposed to be over 16 due to safeguarding issues concerning internet grooming