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excercise good for heart


I would like to ask how to start cardio training. I for sure searched on google a lot, but still i would much more to prefer some advices from real people.

I am 40 years old, 250lbs. My weight went rapidly up after started my thyroid problems. Now i am on medication and need lost weight. I must still say that i suffer with anxiety that makes me to be in daily in fear from heart attack. (my heart was checked many times and always is ok). I would like to start with a training that would be good for heart and i read the cardio training is good for the anxiety too. But i do not know how to start. I am in very bad shape. Did not exercise few years and my work is mainly on pc so most of my day i sit with computer. I breath heavy and my heart is beating fast just when i go few stairs up or to short way to hill. My muscles are weak.

So my question is... how to start when im in so bad shape.. what i could do alone as is not easy for me to go to a gym... and how to do it dont make some harm instead a good. And what heart rate i should have when doing the cardio training that is save for me.

Thank you very much for advice :)

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The best way to start cardio, especially if your unfit is just to walk. After all we do this every day, So we know how to do it. You could march for a count of 50 and then walk slower for a count of 50 if thats to much make the counts less and if its not good enough then make the counts longer so that your either marching for a longer or a less period of time. Your body will soon tell you when to slow down or speed up. Drink plenty water. Stretch your hamstrings before you start and after you finish your walk. Being outside in the open will cheer you up. Try and find a nice park to walk in. No one can tell you what heart rate you should be going at as we are not insturctors and we dont know you or your true level of fitness. Listen to your body and I'm sure before long you will be marching for much longer periods of time. wishing you well. love grace xoxoxo


Hi, thank you very much for your answer :) So i tried the walking .. i found im still in worse shape than i thought.. but will for sure continue and trying the 50.. thank you again :)

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keep trying Marci you wont notice a result straight away but it if you keep it up even for 15 mins every day it soon adds up and you will see a change. Your pic looks lovely. love grace xoxo