Help my tight calf muscles

I have restarted c25k after a nasty bout if shingles last year.

Before I started again I had started to get tight calf in right leg more than left, although both hurt and feel tight when I stretch. I am struggling to run this time, as they just feel so tight. I am trying to stretch daily a couple of times at least but the left one is painful, I can feel the spot where it hurts and have been rolling on a tennis ball.

I walk regularly to work and back, and do not wear heels that much this pain is worse when I get up in the morning or if I've been sat for a while, and has been going on a few months now, having come in quite suddenly. I do zumba weekly and I do not feel much pain when doing this, but am worried in case something is wrong.

How long will it take to improve these, or should I see my GP.... Is it something else. I saw an orthopaedic surgeon some years ago for plantar fasciitis and they commented on my short tendons I think it was in my leg.... Is it just hereditary .... Will it improve.

Sorry for all the questions but I don't want to make it worse but want to get back to 5k again,


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  • Hi Radleychick,

    Thank you for your question.

    I would advise you to ensure you do calf stretches before training. Also, you may want to look into your diet and ensure you are taking in enough minerals and electrolytes. Given the possibility of having short tendons (as per the orthopaedic surgeon you mentioned) it would be worth booking an appointment with the GP to get a specialist referral if this does not improve. It would also valuable to see a sports physiotherapist.

    I hope that helps!.

    Dr Kugan

  • The NHS is crumbling under the pressure of patient demand. This does not sound serious and is likely a simple muscle problem. Go and see a private physio. The doctors on here always suggest referral as they seem worried about litigation, but I don't think your problem will reach the criteria for specialist NHS referral and it will be much quicker and easier to see a physio directly yourself.

    Otherwise anti-inflammatories, stretches and massage. You tube will have lots on calf stretches

  • Thanks Goldie as a nurse myself I am well aware of the pressures our hospital is under my appointment with a private sports therapist is already booked! And self-management underway 😀

  • That sounds much more sensible than Dr Kugan's suggestion

  • Hi goldie11,

    One of my suggestions was to see a sports physiotherapist.

    Dr Kugan

  • I'm grateful for advice the stretches are helping and hope more advice will come from my appointment with sports therapist next week - I just want to be able to keep running 🏃 Thanks all for the advice 😃

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