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Scared of ALS symptoms

I'm just kind of scared does this sound like ALS to anyone?

A month a go randomly my arms and legs went numb and my hands and I was having involuntary arm and shoulder movements The numbness lasted for a week. After the week the numbness went away and now it's been a month with extreme weakness in my arms,legs, and hands. Also there's pain in the muscles of all the limbs and a lot in my hands and when I lay down I start getting facilitations or muscle twitches in my right leg.

I tried to ignore all of the symptoms hoping it was from allergies from the spring weather but it hasn't stopped it's just getting worse when I lay down it's like pins and needles crawling through my limbs, muscles pain and twitches, and weakness it's extremely uncomfortable. I'm very scared please someone help if they know anything about als

Also I had blood work done everything like thyroid and b12 came back normal I've tried taking b12 and magnesium nothing is helping and had an EMG done came back normal as well

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Hi silver22w,

Thank you for your question and I'm sorry to hear about this.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any medical advice relating to diagnoses and treatments so I would strongly advise you to book an appointment with your GP or visit your nearest accident & emergency. But if you think you need urgent help then please call 999.

We are not a substitute for your GP or doctor.

I hope everything goes well for you.

Dr Kugan


Well all your tests sound reassuring and sensory symptoms are not usually a presenting feature of ALS. Much more likely that this is due to health anxiety.

Others here sound as though they may have litigation anxiety and seem very eager to distance themselves your problems!

Are you an anxious person? Have you previously worried about health symptoms?

You've said you are seeing your GP and have been investigated.

Worrying will undoubtedly make symptoms worse, so try and get your thinking on to daily events rather than any rare illnesses.


Yes I do have very bad anxiety I love been hoping that's just the case and have been avoiding thinking about it the numbness is gone but I'm just left with the tingling and leg and arm cramps now I'm getting an MRI hopefully they can figure me out! Thanks for the reply


It sounds like you're being fully investigated, but most likely that no physical cause will be found!

Please take the MRI scan result as final reassurance and don't continue worrying. So many on here just transfer one health worry to something else. You must get on and enjoy life. Health anxiety can be really debilitating and get worse if you let it. Pushing for more tests and referrals will make you even more anxious!

Get working on the anxiety treatments - mindfulness, "mood gym" etc

I see you've posted this on 3 forums here and lot are suggesting you get further investigated/referred, but be aware this may feed your anxiety!

Anxiety is extremely bad for your health

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