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Hello people!

We have teamed up with Virgin Active and are piloting a new engagement program to help more people stick to and EXECUTE their health, fitness and wellness goals. We are calling it the C-U-D-O-S challenge and we basically allow people to unlock a host of free products and services (ranging from 1-1 PT/dietician sessions, personalised online content and other cool freebies like gym memberships/protein/supplements) by sticking to the 30 day journey. To allow us to do this we have partnered with many retailers and health providers in London and we hope to spread the love to all you HU users in due course.

The beauty is that is a 100% data-driven service and one's body composition readings will be the heart beat of our initial trial which is focusing on weight loss. You can't argue with real data! This week myself and 4 our participants are taking part in the first dummy run and every Friday we will do a body comp to unlock the next week's challenges.

During my time on HU, I learnt about the importance of Social Accountability and this is proven by the fact that since starting last Friday, I have already seen some noticeable results. Check out my body comp below for proof!

It's such a welcome change to focus on positives like this and I just hope that we can be helping people in a meaningful and lasting way. The thought alone brings such joy to my day!

CUDOS to you all,


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Sounds like one of those Nigerian money making marketing things. Presumably credit card details are required somewhere or membership of something.

Is this just for Londoners?

Sorry to be suspicious.

Pleased to see you've lost your Christmas excess weight.


Hello Girlie32,

This is not a money-making scheme, no credit card is required, and for now, it is only for Londoners. If you are suspicious of anything or do not like what we are offering our users (FOR FREE) or appreciate the effort we put into helping people then please feel free to leave our community.


Dr Kugan


I'm afraid I suffer from anxiety and am wary of any deal that sounds too good to be true and makes no mention of cost as it's east to get drawn in

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I do understand, but please note that we have not in any way offered a base premium service for anything. This is evident here on our community and on our website. We may offer you the OPTION of being on our email list to receive news/content and products we recommend, but the latter is secondary to our beliefs regarding helping anyone achieve their health & fitness goals in new and innovative ways with their lifestyle and background in mind.


Ah I see. Just been to your website. Very nice, but I hadn't realised you are all partners in a commercial company.

Good luck

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