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Eptopic pregnancy advice

I am 32yrs old, have 3 children with my husband, ages 15, 13 and 6. I had my first two by emergancy c-sections, and my youngest was delivered by an elective c-section, which i opted for tubal ligation too. The first few year was great..healthy, didnt have the worry of falling pregnant. But on thursday i unexpectantly suffered my first ever seizure/fit. Friday i started my period, for the third time this month! Every day since i have been feeling sick, dizzy, basically not myself. Stilll bleeding ttoo. Visited my Gp, who thinks i am having an eptopic pregnancy.I had bloods done, awaiting results. Today i have had pain in my left side of pelvis, sharpp pain in shoulder and during weeing, i passed what looked like a plasic bag/sack, in peices. what is this?

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It all sounds odd. Was you pregnancy test positive?

An ectopic is the serious possibility but fairly unlikely with having had a sterilisation


I am waiting on the results of the pregnancy test and the other hcg test, I did a home test which did not show up anything, and I am seeing my gp later today to discuss my results.

Because I have had a tubal ligation, clips, there is a chance 1 in every 200 will fall pregnant, but would not carry full term.


Hi dctw146,

Thank you for your post and I am sorry to hear of this.

However, I must remind you that we are not a substitute for your GP or Doctor and if you need urgent help please call 999 or visit your nearest Accident & Emergency department.

In addition, we focus on fitness and wellness in this community particularly relating to diet, exercise and the mind.

Hope everything goes well!

Best wishes,

Dr Kugan


my test results show i was not having an eptopic, but instead i did have a miscarraige.